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SH 249
Houston, TX 77377

(281) 826-9936

At Ascension Bridge LLC, Mindy Lange connects individuals to higher levels of success through Quantum Healing (QHHT) services in northwest Houston and Tomball, Texas.


About Mindy Lange | Quantum Healing (QHHT) in Houston, TX

Mindy Lange is a QHHT practitioner in northwest Houston. She has had the opportunity to train with Dolores Cannon directly on the Quantum Healing Technique.


About Mindy Lange

Mindy Lange is a QHHT practitioner that resides in Tomball - northwest Houston, Texas. She has had the opportunity to train with Dolores Cannon directly on the Quantum Healing Technique, and has been active since March 2014.



As I was growing up, having interesting spiritual experiences was (and still is) a fairly normal occurrence. Knowing the things that I experience are out of normal perception for most people, I want to share my gift with those that want to explore their own capacities. 

 Mindy Lange and Dolores Cannon

Mindy Lange and Dolores Cannon

I can see how the different stages in my life have all come together to provide a solid foundation for me to be able to share and elicit the best out of others. Graduating at the top of my class with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing has allowed me the knowledge of how to share my talents with those that will benefit. Working for over two and a half years in corporate America selling insurance has put me in-tune with the needs of others and how to best fulfill them. Learning about Neuro-Linguistic Programming has increased my ability to connect with people in the best way in order to help them understand their potential to be successful and happy. Lastly, Quantum Healing lets me bring everything together in the most synergistic way for the highest good for everyone.

I am helping others explore their consciousness as a tool for self improvement and to better navigate their lives.

BBA, Sam Houston State University
Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner (March 2014 - Present)