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At Ascension Bridge LLC, Mindy Lange connects individuals to higher levels of success through Quantum Healing (QHHT) services in northwest Houston and Tomball, Texas.

The Connection Between: Earth’s Energy Grid, Humanity’s Turmoil, and Star Beings

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The Connection Between: Earth’s Energy Grid, Humanity’s Turmoil, and Star Beings

Mindy Lange

I have recently received better understanding about how everything that seems to be out of control around us is, not to my surprise, a symptom of Humanity’s Ascension growing pains. Since there is a lot of alarm about current events (ISIS, Ebola, extreme weather in parts of the country and world), it felt appropriate for me to share this information with others. One of the core principles of Quantum Healing is that, in my own words, knowledge is power. The more you know the more tools you have at your disposal to choose how to make your life better. In that regard, I want to explain what I’ve learned and give a suggestion on how each person can choose to make a difference in their lives with that information.

I was given more understanding of Earth’s energy grid. Some new information (at least to me) was that each line in the network carries its own unique vibration and frequency (represented by the different colors and numbers). Each line also has its own meaning. To illustrate this, here is what I saw:


So now you can see and understand what I was looking at as well. So what is the connection with Humanity and all the craziness going on around us? Well, I have a pretty good metaphor. To understand my illustration, think about the grid like the insides of a computer.


Humanity is constantly raising its vibration. Now that things are speeding up, the steps we are taking keep getting bigger and bigger each time we move forward. So now, not only are we moving faster, but also we are taking larger strides each time we move forward. It’s a double whammy! So, let’s circle back to my metaphor. Imagine Humanity’s consciousness is like a computer. We are starting to move faster and faster and need more upgrades to our hardware for things to flow well. As we process through things faster, it’s like the memory card and processors in our collective computer need to be constantly upgraded to keep up with the work that we’re doing. This is similar to the Earth’s energy grid. That grid is hard-wired and attached to Humanity’s collective consciousness. As Humanity moves through Ascension, the grid is updated and upgraded right along with it.

Now, if you were to change out a processor or memory card in your computer while it was on, things would totally go wonky! Even if you were able to still see what you were doing, any file you were working on would be corrupted. Things would not work correctly. This is what is being manifested as disease and war in our world. It is a manifestation of things not being in balance and flowing correctly as a result of Humanity ascending faster than the Earth’s grid can balance itself to keep up.

Now, when your computer starts acting weird, what do people usually do? They have a program scan their computer to find out what’s not in sync in order to repair the problem. That is what the Star Beings are doing. They are here to balance the grid to make things flow and move forward as easily as possible.

People have known that Star Beings have been around working on the grid for a long time, but how many people do you figure wondered why the Star Beings are not done yet? Beings with a direct connection to Source energy and vast knowledge of how things work haven’t completed the grid work they’ve been dealing with yet? It’s because the rate at which Humanity is moving forward is accelerating, that is, it is not constant. It’s like a little kid going through the house and playing with things, learning, and of course, making a mess, with the kind parent walking right behind them to pick up what’s out of order to make the house safe and comfortable again.

So, to recap, Humanity’s consciousness is directly connected to Earth’s energy grid and as Humanity’s consciousness expands faster than the grid can balance with, things get out of whack and that manifests as “bad stuff” going on around us. Star Beings are here to bring the grid back into balance so that Humanity can continue to focus on growing.

So now that you have an understanding that all the things being shown on the news is not an example of Humanity destroying itself and the world or being punished for choices, this should do two main things: 1) give you a great sense of peace and accomplishment that Humanity is absolutely on track and this is just a sign of growing pains and 2) give you a clear idea of one of the easy things you could do to help the Earth and Humanity right now!

One of the things that you could do would be to put out the intention that your essence helps bring the Earth’s grid back into “health, happiness, and harmony”. Maybe when you are outside touch the Earth and feel the area under you relaxing into balance. Perhaps you could send the intent to areas of the world that really need it that the grid in that area is filled with light that will help it in the very best way.

So before you get frazzled about the state of the world, know that what is going on now is actually a side effect of Humanity being on the best possible path and one of the ways you can make a difference in your world now is to send energy and balance the Earth’s energy grid.


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