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At Ascension Bridge LLC, Mindy Lange connects individuals to higher levels of success through Quantum Healing (QHHT) services in northwest Houston and Tomball, Texas.

How to Get Ready for your First Quantum Healing Session

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How to Get Ready for your First Quantum Healing Session

Mindy Lange

Quantum Healing is a unique approach to being the best version of yourself and creating a wonderful life. No one gives you the answers – you have to trust that the answers lie within yourself and allow them to come to the surface! About 90% of what happens in a session is up to the client. So, how do you prepare for that? How do you get a taste of what that is like without actually having a session?

Speaking to your Subconscious clearly and easily is how we are going to get results. So how do you get better with speaking to your Subconscious? Well, to do that you first have to understand what language it uses!

The Subconscious' Language: Symbols and Images


Just like we use words as building blocks to create sentences that convey to others what we want them to know, the Subconscious uses your imagination (symbols and images) as building blocks to create scenes for you to experience to convey what it wants you to understand. Imagine if you could only communicate through images, stories, or symbols. The Subconscious sends people experiences, past lives, or other imagery to get across information that will help the client in the very best way. This is why it is not at all important if someone believes in past lives or not. What is important is that the client understands that they have to experience living, being, or perceiving something in order to communicate with their Subconscious. Being pushed a past life or a scene is like a parable – a story with a lesson. You just have to live that movie or experience in order to learn the lesson or message that the Subconscious wants to get across.

Great news is that the Subconscious knows more about you than your conscious mind does. It knows what you like, what you need, what makes you happy, and what you can handle. So, clients can always be absolutely sure that they will experience what they can handle at the time that is most appropriate for them.

Everyone Talks to their Subconscious in a Different Way

Have you noticed that every individual communicates in their own way? Have you ever found that you seem to really understand some people, while there might be others that you never seem to be on the same page with? A lot of this has to do with how each person processes information. I call this a person’s “Mind Language”. Each person processes information and expresses themselves through a combination of ways, and this gives us clues as to how they will also communicate with their Subconscious.

Visual Types

People that process information visually tend to learn or comprehend things quickly, especially if they are presented with visual representations (like a graph). They can close their eyes and picture things vividly as if their eyes are open. How things look (how people dress, how clean an area is) are very important to them. They might find that when speaking to their Subconscious it’s easy to see images or situations when they close their eyes. For example, they might close their eyes and picture the car of their dreams such as the color or seeing themselves driving it down the road.

Auditory Types

People that process information that focus on audio inputs will find that they are very good at following verbal directions, find that they are attracted to music or sound, might talk to themselves, or find that they are easily distracted by noise. The words that they use are very important to them. Auditory types might find that when they speak to their Subconscious they might hear the answer – perhaps as another voice, or as words without a voice. If they were to close their eyes, they might for example, hear the rumble of their dream car. They might think of a car that “calls” to them. Of course, the sound system will be a plus!

Kinesthetic Types

Kinesthetic people are more “touchy feely”. They tend to process information slower than visual and auditory types because they need to “get a feel” for the information that is being presented. They can tend to talk with their hands, and learn by doing. Kinesthetic types might get information from their Subconscious by a gut feeling, or they might “feel” like something might be the answer. If a kinesthetic person was to think of their dream car, they might feel themselves driving the car or feel the excitement that they have the car of their dreams.

Knowing how you process information is a huge clue as to how information from your Subconscious will come to you. Close your eyes and think about seeing yourself eating a meal – maybe the last meal you ate. Can you see the food? Can you hear the people at the table? Can you feel the fork or spoon in your hand? Do you notice all of the details? Just imagining this scene and noticing how you perceive it is a huge step in understanding what a Quantum Healing session is like, but understanding how you process information only gets you half way. To really have a better taste of what a QHHT session is like, you have to get a sense not being led or guided to experience something, but instead build the experience yourself!

Exercises to Connect with Your Subconscious

So, now that you have a few clues as to what your Mind Language is and how you might get information from your Subconscious, we need to take the next step. During a QHHT session, the client is not guided anywhere in particular. The client is pushed the most appropriate information at that time from the Subconscious, whether it be: images/experiences as a past life, future life, concurrent life, a memory from the current lifetime, an experience being an extra terrestrial or not human, an experience not being on Earth, an experience outside of time, colors, symbols, shapes, or anything else that the Subconscious knows the client needs to experience. Because no one knows exactly where the session is going to go, trusting what comes to mind is the most important thing the client can do. And remember, the Subconscious uses your imagination as building blocks to build the experience that you need to perceive to understand its message.

So, to get your imagination and creative juices flowing, to start moving things in the right direction, and to start the conversation with your Subconscious, begin here. Below are several writing prompts. Read each one and develop a story in your mind. Create the characters, have a beginning, middle, and end, and fill in all the details. Take each prompt and run with it. This will engage your imagination and start to connect you with your Subconscious. This is another great opportunity to become more aware of what your Mind Language is and how you perceive things in your mind.

  1. Everyone on Earth is blind, and you are the only person born with sight in hundreds of years. You tell the world what you see, and the consequences are huge…
  2. A Crash test dummy comes alive...
  3. After spending years mastering lucid dreaming, you learn you can enter other peoples’ dreams and do whatever you want. You also meet the person that has been messing with your dreams your whole life…
  4. The ambassador of an extraterrestrial race enters the UN general assembly, places an alien artifact in the middle of the room, and then leaves without a word…
  5. Scientists discover a "luck gene"…
  6. Every day, you notice an otherwise nondescript person doing something impossible. No one else seems to notice or know what you are talking about. Today you have made up your mind to approach that person...
  7. As a child, you ate the last cookie in the cookie jar. Twenty years later, you are about to find out the consequences…
  8. One day, you find a green door. The door wasn't there yesterday. There is an odd symbol on the door…
  9. You gain the ability to transform into a mosquito at will...
  10. You have been shrunken to the size of a tennis ball. A child finds you and takes you home to keep in a shoebox as a pet…

Well, I hope creating those stories and experiences was fun! If you found that it was hard to imagine anything, then the great news is that you have found an area of opportunity! This exercise might not work for everyone, so finding how you day dream, recall memories, or set goals for yourself would be the best place to start. If this was a piece of cake and you are starting to get the hang of using your imagination, then let’s take off the training wheels and move on to the real deal!

The Final Step in Practicing for QHHT

By now you should have a strong idea as to how you imagine and process information in your mind. You also already have your creativity moving and are ready for the final step! So, here’s the secret to experiencing what a Quantum Healing session is really like:

Create a story all on your own. It can be whatever you want. Close your eyes and create a story about anything at all. Fill in all the details. Make it as vivid as possible. Experience the story you create in the way that you best resonate with. The catch is, you have to go with whatever pops in your head first! That’s the game. The only way to succeed in this last exercise is to just roll with whatever pops into your head and to just let the thoughts flow and snowball into a complete and vivid experience.

 Too often things come into our minds and we either disregard them or second guess ourselves. In Quantum Healing, your first thought is always right. Your gut feeling is always right. It takes practice to get used to letting thoughts bubble up into your conscious mind and just accepting them. This is your opportunity to trust those things that are inside your Subconscious.

At the end of the day, if you can establish what your Mind Language is, utilize your imagination, and trust what pops into your mind, you can be confident that you will have a wonderful QHHT session. For more information about how a session is structured, click here.


So, how do you practice connecting with your Subconscious? Do you have any other tips or tricks that you like to use? Comment below!

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