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At Ascension Bridge LLC, Mindy Lange connects individuals to higher levels of success through Quantum Healing (QHHT) services in northwest Houston and Tomball, Texas.


Quantum Healing | QHHT with Mindy Lange in Houston, TX

Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Technique (QHHT) has the client go into a deep level of trance to speak with the Subconscious Mind.


Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing (QHHT) is a technique developed by world-renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon. It is unique because it has the client go into a deep level of trance to speak with the Subconscious Mind.



Cooperating with the Subconscious is how patterns are explained, physical ailments are released, and negative emotions and experiences are cleared from the body. Without these things holding the client back, it is much easier for the client to move forward to have a better life and fulfill their life purpose.

The QHHT process explores the mind of the individual. As a practitioner, I act as a guide to facilitate your inner journey. The key to a successful session is that you or any client has to allow this exploration. As a practitioner, I do not have the answers or know how to help you become the best version of yourself; all of the solutions and information come from the client. Quantum Healing is a participatory process, and this is the most important thing to understand in order for the client to get what they are looking for. Regardless of how “deep” a person feels in trance, results can be achieved. In other words, information and healing is there for the client at any level of trance, however light or deep. The most important thing the client can do is trust what comes to mind.



Why should I have a QHHT session?

What has been revealed in this work of Quantum Healing is that, for the most part, our ‘conscious mind’ does not choose for less than positive things to happen to us – there are other expanded ways to think about this idea. We all have 'bad' things happen in our lives. That is part of what life is about. Dolores has found that a larger part of ourselves (not our conscious minds) agree to experience these events in order to learn from them.

That is where QHHT comes in because we can learn about how and WHY we have ‘negative’ experiences in our lives and often then can release them to regain physical health, peace, and balance.

Actually some of the biggest lessons Dolores has learned and shares with others is the concept of forgiveness and releasing fear. She also says that everything that exists is pure energy and the concepts of good and evil are creations of the human mind. Having a Quantum Healing session allows your own Subconscious to answer questions about what you have experienced, explain your part in all of these things we have happen in our lives, and then possibly let them go to have a better life moving forward.

More specifically, people want a session because they want to:

  • Recover and process through ET contact or abduction experiences
  • Have a past life regression
  • Integrate different aspects of themselves
  • Understand why they have physical discomfort
  • Realize what their purpose is


Below is a video that gives you a clear expectation of how a session is done. 


If you would like to see what it is like to connect with your Subconscious before having a session, click here.



Session Structure

The session in its entirety usually lasts around five hours. It could be more or less depending on each person. It is a good idea to dedicate the entire day to having your session and then going back to your home or hotel afterward to have a nice, relaxing evening.


The session begins with an interview where we discuss your life, background, childhood, and any frustrations or discomforts that you have. Then, the list of questions you would like addressed is reviewed – regarding areas such as health, trauma, guilt, behaviors, relationships, life direction and purpose, etc. It is important to understand where you are coming from and what you are looking for so that I can be a good facilitator for you when moving through the session, making you as comfortable as possible, and addressing what you are looking for to get the greatest benefit, deepest insight, and significant healing.

Actual Session

After the interview, I proceed with the induction that guides you into a very relaxed state with guided imagery. Everyone can relax into this state because people do this every day when they “zone out”, watch television, or day dream. This is accomplished because we are using the part of the brain that stores memories and images, so all you need to do is be able to describe what you see, hear, feel, and think. Trance work is the easiest thing in the world.  All you do is surrender to the process, relax, follow my voice, let your imagination free, and as you answer my questions you naturally drop deeper and deeper.

Then, the Subconscious will choose the most appropriate scenes (up to three) for you to view. These scenes can be any number of things: images, past lives, symbols, something that seems it’s in your future or something that does not have to do with time at all, or something from earlier in your life. Just like when you are sleeping and you have a very interesting dream, your Subconscious can push you something that consciously you would never have put together, but when you are in it, it will make sense. So just like as if you are in a dream, we will go ahead and run with whatever you experience.

I do not push you to view anything specifically. This will all come from you, so trust what comes through and we will explore what your Subconscious knows is appropriate for you to see and experience. One of your Subconscious' prime directives is to keep you healthy and happy, so it knows what you like, what you are comfortable with, and what you will understand to guide you to be happy and healthy.

Then, we really dive deep and speak to your Subconscious directly. We find out why you were just shown those particular scenes, answer the questions you came with (this is the most important part), and balance the body – if it is all appropriate. It is important to remember that your Subconscious knows more about you than your conscious mind does and it wants what is best for you. It will provide you with what you need at this time – if a question is not answered it is because it would not benefit you in any way or the timing is not right.

Lastly, I gently lead you back to consciousness.


Once you are comfortably awake and feel great, the last thing we do is discuss what happened during your session and review what information you received. Your session will be recorded and you can (and should!) review this over and over again starting the following day after your appointment. I send out recordings via email, but if you would prefer your session burned on a CD or flash drive, please provide a CD or flash drive as well as a self addressed and stamped envelope for me to mail it to you directly.

The session is completely confidential, so it is up to you how or if you want to share any information with anyone else after you have listened to the recording privately.


My fellow practitioner, Iowa QHHT Practitioner Suzanne Spooner, talks about what it feels like and what to expect during your session using Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).





Dolores Cannon and Candace Craw-Goldman speak about Quantum Healing (QHHT). 



How many sessions do I need?

Because QHHT is such an in-depth process, most people only need one session. More sessions can be added if you like, in which case I can move you into the desired relaxed state quickly, thus reducing the follow-up session time. I provide a discount for follow-up sessions since they are shorter in length.