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At Ascension Bridge LLC, Mindy Lange connects individuals to higher levels of success through Quantum Healing (QHHT) services in northwest Houston and Tomball, Texas.


Two Topic Sessions | Visualizations with Mindy Lange in Houston, TX

A Two Topic Session is a short session (under one hour) where the client is guided through a couple of structured visualizations to receive information.


Two Topic Sessions

A Two Topic Session is another service that Mindy Lange provides. This is a short session (under one hour) where the client is guided through a couple of structured visualizations to receive information.



Why should I do a Two Topic Individual Session?
These sessions are great for anyone that not only wants a more personal experience that is tailored towards their interests, but is also looking for something that is more flexible time-wise. 

Session Structure
We will start by discussing the first topic that we will cover followed by a quick exercise to get your 'visualization muscle' working. Then, I will guide you through the visualization. Once we are done you will have time to write down your experiences for your records. We'll take a moment to discuss your experience before we talk about the second visualization topic. I will use a key word to quickly bring you back to an enjoyable trance state so that we can go through the second visualization. We'll finish up with time for you to write down your second experience and a chat about what you observed. 

How many sessions should I do?
I think that two topics per session is a great number, but you can always schedule additional appointments if you would like to visit new topics. I am usually developing new topics, so the list will update, change, and grow over time. If you really want to dive deep and experience whatever will be to your highest joy and benefit in great detail, then we should talk more about a full QHHT Session



Session Topics (Choose Two)

Past Life Regression

Being able to experience another time and another place where there is information that would be of interest to you is what this topic is about. Past lives can be used as a tool to gain information and understanding about yourself. You will be guided through a past life and find out who you were, view three important days you experienced, and discover what the purpose of the past life was. 

This topic is good if you're looking for:
Understanding as to why someone is in your life, more knowledge as to why something has happened to you, or bringing in a positive quality from a previous life that you've lived. 

Disconnecting from Relationships That No Longer Serve You

Often we establish strong connections with people, ideas, places, or concepts in our lives. The thing is that sometimes these connections we make are no longer good for us. This is a visualization to cut the connections we make to things that are not healthy for us anymore so that when we come into contact with them again in the future, we will connect with them from a higher consciousness. This is a very powerful visualization. 

This topic is good if you're looking for:
Creating a new and/or different relationship with someone that does not make you happy or creating new perceptions about unhealthy things in your life (food, addictions, places you have an emotional reaction to).

Find Out Your Life Purpose

This topic focuses on the big question - What is my purpose? You will be led through the Akashic Records to find out about: the major lessons you wanted to learn in this lifetime, what your purpose is in this life, why you decided to incarnate on Earth at this time, and how many lifetimes you've had on Earth. You will also receive a light download to bring you the information, resources, and inspiration you need to help you fulfill your life purpose. 

This topic is good if you're looking for:
Better understanding of why you are on this Earth and what you should be doing. 

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Everyone has at least one Guide that stays with them their entire lifetime. These beings are there to guide you in the best directions possible. Put a face and a name to your partner that is always there. You will be given messages from your guide as well as the opportunity to ask them for guidance in regards to something you need help with in your life now. 

This topic is good if you're looking for:
Clarity about the being(s) that protect and guide you and asking them directly for assistance and guidance on something you need help with. 

Future Progression

You will have the opportunity to move forward 100, 200, or 300 years into the future to see what you life might be like at that time. You will be guided through a future life and find out who you are, view three important days you experience, and discover what the purpose of the future life is. 

This topic is good if you're looking for:
A broader idea about what life, civilization, and existence might be like in the future. You can also connect with positive qualities from that lifetime and utilize them in your life now.